Everything we do centers around security. We provide HTTPS/SSL encryption with all of our plans and automatic updates / monitoring to ensure your sites are fully secure. You can read more about our options on our Pricing page.

Design & Build

Mobile-first, professional designs, and builds. You might already have a theme you like or one you bought. And if that's the case, we will help you set up your site with that theme. However, if you need additional customization, our team can help you design and build a custom solution so you don't have to.


Whether we're helping you migrate a site, configure a plugin, edit a page or just provide expert answers to questions, it's all the same to us. You get access to experts with years of experience who talk to you like a person and work through the problem.

Elementor WordPress Theme Builder Included

Every hosting plan includes the option to use the Pro (paid) version of Elementor. This allows you to edit your site easily with Drag & Drop customization and advanced styling/animation.


Your design process simplified

You can finally customize everything on your website, easily and directly. Elementor is the editor for designers who want to fine-tune every last detail.


The Interface That Offers Maximum Layout Control

When you start working with Elementor, everything will feel familiar and intuitive. This is possible thanks to interface features like Navigator, Copy/Paste, Copy Style, and more.

More about Elementor

Optimized WordPress

You shouldn’t have to worry about the basics… security, performance, and reliability. That’s our job. We set you up so you can manage your site without any of those “other things” getting in the way.

Not Just WordPress

While WordPress is our most popular install, it's not required. Other clients use everything from raw code to other CMS platforms: Bolt, Craft, October, Magento, Drupal, etc.

You have full control. It's your space, it's your choice.

PHP 7.4

At Lodgik, we always keep our platform up to date using the latest technologies. PHP 7.4 was tested for performance on 22 platforms/configurations using 6 different PHP versions and PHP 7.4 took the gold in every single one. Read the Entire Comparison

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