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Lower Prices, Better Plans

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One of the things we always try to do at Lodgik is to listen. Sometimes that’s looking at data. Mostly it’s listening to feedback from our customers. One of the key pieces of feedback we received was that our plans and pricing were too complex and too similar to our competitors. That didn’t make us happy. So we decided to completely overhaul our pricing and offer even more details about what makes us different. Here’s what we did…

New Essentials Plan

Our original Essentials Plan started at $40. The reason the price was relatively higher than our competitors, is that we bundled a lot into it. It was an incredible value but probably set the bar a little too high for a starter plan. Some of you just want a really secure, reliable and fast space to do what you want. We heard you and here’s what we did with the Essentials Plan…

  1. Price reduced from $40/mo to $30/mo
  2. Removed unlimited support and consulting services – sometimes you just want a really powerful platform to do with what you like. We’re still always here if you get stuck.
  3. Bundled our Pro-level, free site builder plugins into this plan – Elementor or Divi
  4. Added a free site migration into this plan
  5. Offered more detail on other perks you get with all of our plans, including this one (Backups, SSL, CDN, SFTP access, etc)

So we did the unimaginable… we lowered the price and increased the features. Hope you like it!

New Plus Plan

We’ve completely changed our mid-tier plan. It’s cheaper, offers very specific features based on your feedback and just makes sense. Here’s what we did…

  1. Lowered the price from $75/mo to $40/mo
  2. Included Managed Support – read more about that here
  3. Launched our Slack workspace for clients and include access to that for Plus members for live chat and support.
  4. Included a Security Audit to review your site and make recommendations about how to ensure it’s as secure as possible

New Pro and Other Plans

Previously we had a Pro, Enterprise and Custom plan available. We simplified this and reduced costs. Here’s how…

  1. Pro plan reduced from $150/mo to $80/mo
  2. Pro plan now includes unlimited phone support – previously only available for $150 or more per month
  3. Removed the Enterprise Plan – it wasn’t really different enough to make sense
  4. Updated the Custom plan to start at $100 a month instead of $350. This is now just simply a custom quote to suit your needs and can be as robust as you want. No limits.


Our plans aren’t just less expensive. They each offer more value than before. We also completely rebuilt our Pricing page. We have more details about what’s included in each plan so you get the clearest picture of what’s available.

We hope you like the changes we’ve made. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

And see how we compare with other WordPress hosting services out there. I guarantee they can’t do what we can.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Shane Elliott, Founder & CEO