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Lodgik Hosting Launches

Today we’re launching Lodgik Hosting. Professional, secure, managed, WordPress hosting at prices that make sense. Whether you have a theme you bought, want to use a free one you found or have would like our team to work with you to customize something completely unique, we have you covered.

WordPress often gets a bad rap. This is usually because it’s seen as a platform with security issues and what’s called “plugin hell” which can result in complicated site management and malware. In fact, WordPress is an extremely secure platform by default. It’s only when inexperienced users try and create sites using a slew of plugins that things can go very wrong.

This is why we created Lodgik Hosting. We take care of all the security, scalability and optimization work for you. The only thing you should be concerned with is updating and adding content.

Our plans range from Essentials, which allow you to bring your own theme to a fully managed and secure platform, to Pro/Custom which includes professional plugins and consultation from our team.

Unlike many cookie-cutter WordPress hosting services, we don’t offer pre-baked plans that you buy and set up without guidance. Every plan is configured by our professional team to ensure your specific needs are accounted for.

Learn more about our plans and feel free to reach out to us any time with questions or to begin the setup process.