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Is WordPress Secure?

The question everyone asks is… “Is WordPress secure?” There are a lot of misconceptions about WordPress and even more so about what security actually means and how it’s maintained.

Rather than try and re-hash all of the information out there about this topic, we’re going to refer to you to an incredibly detailed and data-driven analysis of WordPress security, how hacks happen and why it’s often misunderstood.

Thank you to our good friends at Kinsta for this article on WordPress security!

Here are some highlights from the article and how Lodgik holds up to the scrutiny.

  1. Plugins – The top hacked plugins shown in the article are not available on Lodgik Hosting. We simply don’t use them. The only plugins Lodgik provides to our clients are professional and paid for. Lodgik actively monitors plugins to ensure they are up to date.
  2. Updates – The most common reason for WordPress (or any website) hacks is due to missing updates. Lodgik automatically handles all core updates for all sites and monitors for security breaches 24/7.
  3. Server Access – Lodgik provides server access to all of our clients. We only do this using SFTP, which is the most secure method available.
  4. Out of Date Technology – Lodgik always keeps its PHP version up to date. And our server hosting platform is state of the art and also always up to date.

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